2.) The Health Care Provider's Pledge

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Tue Aug 7 14:29:33 2001

[]> The Health Care Provider's Pledge -- Click: The CHS Pledge


I will be a partner with my patients and their caregivers: working with them not only as a traditional diagnostician and healer, but also as a medical advisor and educator. I will educate my patients and their caregivers: by providing them with information about their illness, including facts, explanation of treatment options, descriptions of possible medications (and their side effects), and current medical research.

I will listen to my patients: if they fail to follow their treatment plan that they have chosen. I will take time to find out why, and help them to modify the plan as necessary.

I will encourage my patients: to find the emotional and psychological support they need as they learn to cope with and manage their chronic illness.

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