1.) The Patient's Pledge:

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Tue Aug 7 14:24:07 2001

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I will be a partner with my health care provider: I will learn all I can about my chronic illness and actively participate in the management of my illness.

I will follow the treatment option I have chosen: once I have considered the options presented and selected a treatment plan, I will stick with it and discuss any change in the plan with my health care provider. I will be honest with my health care provider: if I fail to take my prescribed medications or to follow my treatment plan, I will tell my provider about it and ask for help in getting back on the plan.

I will develop coping skills: to manage my illness, because I know that nobody else can do this for me.

I will seek help from others: patients, support groups, my health care providers, or mental health professionals for the emotional and psychological effects of my chronic illness.

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