Re: colon adhesions?help?doctor?Tara

From: Tara S. (
Mon Aug 6 20:51:36 2001

I have been all over the website. As a matter of fact, I used to get the newsletter about a year and a half ago.

Oops! Sorry! That sounded obnoxious. I promise - it wasn't supposed to come out that way. Fourth beer...

Anyway, at the ER on Saturday, they said I did not appear to have any obstructions...only a new cyst, inside the bladder. Let's add that to the ovarian cyst they found last March. Then there's the whole abdominal bloating and, of course, pain....

Everyone knows about the pain, I know.

Sometimes I feel like a terrible hypochondriac because so many people here are even worse off than me. I feel so much for all of you...

My last operations (4th and 5th) were March 2000. Also, last March, I was found to have a bowel obstruction and an ovarian cyst. Now--the ER dr said, without much sincerity, "maybe you could check into the possibility of irritable bowel syndrome"...


At Sun, 05 Aug 2001, Sally Grigg wrote: >
>Dear Tara S, I don't know what to say, I'm not a doctor, but it could very well
>be adhesions in your abdomen. Have you resarched the adhesion site at
> especially those from Helen Dynda and Berverly or those
>labeled bowel problems. There is a lot of information there. I'm sorry you're
>having all of this pain. We've all been through it and most of us are still
>there (pain, suffering and inability to function as we used to. You are not
>crazy and it is not all in your head. I am sure of that. Please don't give up
>and please don't let just anybody operate on you. Have you thought of a
>laproscopic adhesion removal? It's just an idea, as I said I'm not a doctor,
>but you need a good doctor. Maybe someone one this site can find you a good
>doctor in your area. With kindest regards, Sally Grigg

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