Karla's July 30th surgery in Chicago...

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Mon Aug 6 12:39:55 2001

Some of you have been asking how Karla Nygren's surgery on July 30th in Chicago went. I contacted Bev (from Karla's hometown) last night; but Bev hasn't heard a word about her but assumes that Karla is doing okay. When and if I receive word about Karla, I WILL post this information.

For now though, I encourage your continued prayers for Karla's recovery from this first (of a series of 3 procedures) surgery that Karla will need to be able to begin to really LIVE again!!

If you would like to write to Karla -- or send her a "Get Well" card -- this would be a wonderful gesture on your part. Karla needs all the encouragement she can get in her life at this time. I can think of nothing more encouraging than hearing from her many friends on the IAS Message Board!! I don't have a new address for her; but for now mail sent to the following address should reach her:

Louis A. Weiss Memorial Hospital

Karla Nygren -- c/o Dr. Zachary

4646 North Marine Dr.

Chicago, Illinois 60640

* * * * * * * *


2.) []> Karla Nygren had surgery today at Chicago...

Monday, July 30, 2001

Today I received a short email from Bev about Karla Nygren (ifirgit@new.rr.com). Karla's surgery did take place today at Chicago. Bev said: "I don't have any word -- from anyone -- on Karla's condition; nor do I know her room number as of yet."

"I do know cards will be greatly appreciated; because the IAS family IS Karla's family! "For now if you address Karla's mail c/o Dr. Zachary, Karla should get her mail. Dr. Zachary is her primary doctor."

Louis A. Weiss Memorial Hospital

4646 North Marine Dr.

Chicago, Illinois 60640

* * * * * * * *

1.) []> Prayers requested for Karla Nygren...She will have surgery July 30th!!

Friday, 27 July 27, 2001

Dear International Adhesions Society members and friends,

Karla Nygren (ifirgit@new.rr.com) is scheduled to undergo surgery on Monday, July 30th, at the University of Chicago Hospital. Dr. Zachary, a reconstructive urologist, and his team of 8 surgeons will perform the first of a series of three sugeries that will be necessary to restore Karla's health.

Monday's surgery is the first phase,Dr. Zachary, a reconstructive urologist, and a team of 8 surgeons will be performing the first phase of this surgery at the University of Chicago Medical Center. The surgeons will be placing tissue expanders in her abdomen; and this tissue will be used to make a new abdominal wall for Karla.

Karla said: "Since 1991 I have had 26 abdominal surgeries; and at this time I am in desperate need of yet another one. This is not a surgery that I can avoid. It is not a surgery to lyse my adhesions. It is a surgery to try and restore some sort of abdominal wall.....since I have none."

As a result of having had too many invasive (laparotomy) procedures, Karla has had problematic hernias. The goal of this surgery is to begin the process necessary to reconstruct Karla's abdominal muscles and to repair her multiple hernias and urostomy.

Karla was initially told that she would have to remain in Chicago for up to 6 weeks; but Karla posted a message saying that she may have to only stay there for up to 2 weeks -- depending how her recovery goes.

>From what Bev shared with me: "After the first phase of the three phases
that Karla will need, she will have a two month reprieve before she will return to Chicago for the actual reconstruction of her abdomen.

Now that I have given you some idea as to what is in store for Karla on Monday, please remember Karla in your prayers. She is going to need all the love and support that we can give her.

With the skill and experience of Karla's surgeons, all of our prayers and God's presence, Karla will have the best chance for a much better life!!

My best wishes to you Karla for much success with your upcoming surgery!!

Love, Helen

* A prayer for Karla *

Almighty God, you know my inmost being, the secrets of my body and soul.

Fill my heart with trust, even as I fear, and bless the surgeons and nurses and all who work to help me with gifts of healing and care.

Be near, gently sustaining me, and supporting them in their skills. Amen.

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