Re: Janet release to family doctor

From: Janet Karam (
Mon Aug 6 01:06:35 2001

Dear Sally,

Thanks for the warning. I will be in the care of the pain center for another 2-3 months still. With the help of Helen D., I have already printed out the statutes and info I need for CO, and will present them to my family doc a month before I am to be released by the pain clinic to be sure. I've told this pain doc my concerns(as it was my family doc who refused to prescribe anymore and sent me to the pain clinic), yet he assures me that once he watches over my care for a few months, then sends the letter to my doc telling him what meds I need to stay on, that it helps the family doc become more comfortable and legally "off the hook".

Love and hugs to you Sally,


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Subject: Janet release to family doctor

Dear Janet, Be careful, usually when you're released to your family

doctor, your meds stop. My family doctor doesn't believe in "narcotics".

See your doctor first and make sure you'll get adequate treatment before

they (the pain center) just lets you go. Go armed with printed copies

of pain information from past e-mails. Good luck, Sally Girgg

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--- Janet Karam


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