Re: Switched from oxycontin to ms contin

From: Janet Karam (
Mon Aug 6 00:52:34 2001

Dear Helen C.,

I am sorry that your pain is so unbearable right now, I wish I could be there till it all settles again. I believe you will be alright on the MSContin once your body adjusts and you are getting an adequte script. Oxycontin has been great for me since I've adjusted to it, but the first 4-5 weeks I was still experiencing alot of pain...I guess it took a while to build in my system. I'm hoping that your body is adjusting.

I hope you get some potent injections tomorrow to get your pain under control, a 10 is alot to be. You have been blessed with the care of this good doc, I have a feeling you will be feeling better after you seem him.

Love and big hugs,


Hello everyone:

Sorry, I haven't been able to come on as my medication was switched (I

imagine because of all the media attention and adverse publicity towards the

oxycontin), and now my pain specialist has become affected by this, and is

afraid of having his license revoked. I started on the MS-Contin Monday and it is not touching the pain (why the MS-Contin is not working, I dont understand). The Oxycontin was working so well that I had forgotten how horrible this pain could be. Of course, I had my times of breakthrough pain, but usually was able to get it under control after resting, heating pad, etc. I am now fighting for my life, as the pain is at a 10 and I can't get it under control. I feel I had almost become so complacent being on the Oxycontin that I felt I could continue living my life until there was some breakthrough in the medical field that would give us a chance of being pain-free after an adhesiolysis, never thinking that the one drug that enabled me to continue on, would come under scruntiny by the DEA and even pain specialists would be afraid to prescribe it.

I have an emergency appointment tomorrow with my pain specialist and I don't know what is going to happen. Please wish me luck!!!


Helen C.

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