Re: Lynda

Sun Aug 5 15:03:43 2001

Hi Helen --

I hope today is a good one for you! Boy am I so glad you are feeling a little better. Nothing like a walloping ear infection to bring us to our knees, I tell you. May you stay well now! If only they could fortify Fudgesicles with Vitamin C....hey, there's a thought! <VBG>

Glad the poopy is doing a little better. They are a lot of work, but they bring so much joy to us too. Maybe as the pup grows she will figure things out -- hope springs eternal!!

I will be off-line all week while I am in WA but will keep thinking about you and praying for you to feel good. Have a terrific, wonderful, pain-free (and pee-free!!! <G>) week!



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