Re: hi there !! ")

Sun Aug 5 15:01:29 2001

Hi Chrissie --

Hope you are having a very good day! MaGraw sounds wonderful. Aren't Border Collies the smartest dogs ever? I hope you can get some pictures scanned in of him -- I would love to see them! Have you seen the movie Babe, the one about the pig? If you haven't, I recommend it highly! Now that you have a Border Collie, you must own a copy. <G>

You were right about the Fudgesicles. We bought an 18 pack last week and they are ALL gone! Yummy yum yum! I wish you lived closer so we could stuff ourselves full of them and play with our doggies. :D

I'm so glad you are feeling a little better. It's NOT fun to have it from both ends at once. I stay on my Vioxx and the pain is OK. Tomorrow morning I fly up to WA and I'm more than a little nervous going so far from home by myself. But I do know lots of people there so G-d forbid, if anything pops up, they can help me. I can't wait to eat salmon and see real trees again! Here in the desert, everything is brown. Even the trees. Yecch. Give me real, green, tall trees any day.

Have a terrific week -- keep feeling good and enjoy that poopy! (Yes, I typed it that way on purpose <G>!) Lots of love and {{{hugs}}} for you!! Take care,


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