Re: adhesions inside colon??

From: Janet Karam (
Sat Aug 4 00:23:37 2001

Dear Tara,

I was hoping some others might have a more educated answer to your question. I had a surgeon who explained to me that this could happen at the site where the colon is sewn back together. I would imagine the symptoms would be that of a partial bowel obstruction in varying degrees depending on the severity. I would guess this type of adhesion may not be as elusive in diagnostic tests such as colonoscopy. Again though, I am only passing on my vague understanding of what a surgeon once told me, I hope you get some answers...Have you asked your surgeon?



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> Subject: adhesions inside colon??
> My last surgery - 03/00 - included rectocele and enterocele repair,
> adhesiolysis, and "tacking up" the organs to the back pelvic wall. In
> the process, the dr had to remove a 5" section of the colon. Also, a
> ureter got "kinked up", and I had to have another surgery 14 hrs later
> to straighten it out.
> My question is, can adhesions occur inside the colon where it was sewn
> back together? If so, what could be the effects? Anybody?

--- Janet Karam ---

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