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From: Janet Karam (janetk7@earthlink.net)
Sat Aug 4 00:09:20 2001

Hi there, Sez...glad you found us, I am breathing a big sigh of relief for you too. You are not crazy after all, and you most definately are not alone! So many of us have experiences with docs similar to your own, it's alot to have the mental anguish of knowing something is wrong with your body, and having no one to believe or support you...I am very glad you are on the other side of that now.

Try not to worry if the endo or adhesions will come back for now...your body needs all of it's strength and energy for recovery from your surgery, so try to focus on your healing rather than the "what if's". Even laparoscopy can be major surgery!

Wishing you the best in your recovery.



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> From: <anonymous@medispecialty.com (Sez)>
> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
<adhesions@mail.medispecialty.com> > Date: 8/3/01 9:35:58 AM
> Subject: Had a Lap two days ago and thick adhesions were found
> I had a Lap two days ago and the Registrar couldnt believe how thick the
> adhesions were in my pelvis joining my bladder to my uterus, there were
> also spots of Endometriosis. Now I am relieved to know why I have been
> in so much constant pain, and bladder problems. Although it doesnt
> explain my bowel problems!!! I felt so alone, and constnatly being
> fobbed off that the pain was almost imaginary, now I know it wasnt. Has
> anyone else been treated like this? And will they grow back not they
> have been cut and diathermed away??Many Thanks A relieved patient!!
> --
> Sez

--- Janet Karam --- janetk7@earthlink.net

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