Toni/Sally/doctors? Ohio/help

From: Sally Grigg (
Fri Aug 3 13:40:09 2001

Dear Toni, I know that there are a lot of areas in the country including where I live in rural Northern California where the doctors do not believe that adhesions cause pain. It's going to be your job to print out all (or realistically, some) of the articles published on the adhesions web page in the past. Look for e-mails from Helen Dynda and Beverly. Look at the titles, open up and read and then print out. Make lots of copies of the important things. When you have a folder full of information from accredited research projects, you will be better able to deal with doctors. You don't want the ones that are stuck in the "dark ages" anyway, so don't even bother to fight with them, they can't help you anyway. But there are people on this board who can help you find a good doctor. With kindest regards and blessings, Sally

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