Dear Bonnie L. from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Fri Aug 3 13:25:36 2001

Dear Bonnie, Hi, I'm Sally. I think that all of us here have felt like the pain of adhesions has taken over our lives. We can't take away the Pain (except through pain meds), but we can try to regain a sense of ourselves as worthwhile people who deserve better but are going to have to live with pain whether we like it or not. We can fight it, or we can accept our bodies and love them and do what we can to be happy and productive. I'm all for the right pain medication. It's hard to live knowing you have limitations, for example, I can no longer go grocery shopping for the Inn, It's way too hard for me, but I can entertain the guests at breakfast with stories and good old fashioned hospitality. Just do the best you can, don't beat up on yourself for something beyond your control, and start studying the web page for adhesions to gain as much knowledge as you can. Knowledge is power. Look for e-mails from Helen Dynda and Beverly from the past and read about our shared disease. Love and good luck, Sally

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