sally i make real good fudge and its easy!!!

From: Colette (
Thu Aug 2 17:42:16 2001

Hey you mentioned fudge! I have to find the recipe but its with marshmellows ~~~evap-milk~~choc. chips and sugar and butterIf u like fudge this is real easy if i can do it anyone can! i'll look for the recipe tonight if you like? So how is the inn doing? Are you recovering ok from your last surgery? I hope you are having painfree days! I saw your inn on the internet it looks beautiful is by the ocean? I have'nt been to the Ocean in 6 yrs boy do i miss that salt air and the sand and seashells they are so beautiful! Ok now i'm going on and dreaming ahh ohh well a girl can dream can't she? Anyways hope you are doing well! Love Colette

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