Re: Brown rice/constipation

From: Colette (
Thu Aug 2 10:26:14 2001

Hi Lynda" i did'nt know you had show dogs! Your right about the brown rice it constipates me even more i can not tolerate a high fiber diet it really screws me up! I know your worried about traveling but its amazing usually its not as bad i think its because our little minds are pre-occupied or something anyhow i really hope everything works out relax enjoy your trip! And good luck i'll keep my fingers crossed for you! I will keep in my thoughts and prays that you will have a safe trip and WIN LOL !!! OHHH don't forget the choclate LOL! Love Colette >
>In a message dated 8/1/2001 6:26:02 PM US Mountain Standard Time,
> writes:
>> I may be wrong but I think brown rice is hard to digest and contributes
>> to constipation. Do we have any experts willing to take a try at finding
>> out? It just feels that way to me.
>I'm hardly an expert, but when the dogs have loose stools we give them cooked
>rice. It stops them up and slows the bowel down. If you have trouble with
>constipation, rice of any kind probably does not belong on your daily menu.
>Am still catching up on my e-mail...still read everything here every day and
>pray for all of you. :) Next week is my trip to Tacoma, WA and I'm a little
>nervous about feeling good while I'm there...this is "my" trip. Hubby and
>kids will stay home. I'll share the van/hotel room with several very good
>(girl) friends. It's for the Chesapeake Bay Retriever National Specialty
>show. I'm only bringing one dog but G-d willing, plan to handle two in two
>separate events. Have Vioxx, will travel <G>. I cannot wait for some fresh
>salmon and halibut!!!!!
>The weather there is so different than here. Their high temps are lower than
>our lows. Can you see me there in a parka and woolen mittens while all the
>east coast bunch runs about in shorts and sandals? <VBG>
>Wishing you all a pain-free, wonderful day!
>Lynda M. in AZ

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