The Dr. took my pain meds away !!

From: Kris (
Wed Aug 1 23:14:07 2001

Here is the deal for 5 yrs My internist gave me 40 darvacet for anywhere 1-3 mo. I would make them last. He said I had fibromyaliga, and some disk problems. He told me I Would have to get by on this because I would have to learn to live with my condition. I do have adhesions I would use them for pelvic pain. He now says instead of masking the pain I need to find out what is wrong!!! Gee I thought that was his job. I am no longer his patient By my choice, but Now I set with NO Dr. NO pain meds. I have a appt. on monday with my gyn to talk about adhesions and endo and possable surgery , is it okay to ask for pain meds or not.? I was very careful with them, but now I feel a little embarassed about the whole thing. Any suggestions.?? Kris.

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