Re: New and need advice

Thu May 24 19:02:05 2001

Hi Debbie --

<< I was wondering if anyone can tell me how serious adhesions can be, will this operation "fix" the problem with them or will it just occur again. >>

First, I'm sorry you are having so many problems. I hope you feeel much better soon.

Next, there are people on this board with far more knowledge and experience than I have, who likely can provide you with more accurate information.

I can tell you what little I know though -- adhesions can be pretty serious, but how serious they are seems to depend on a number of things. Where they are, what they are stuck to, how many there are...these sorts of things. Each person's case is unique, I believe. If you spend some time reading the quilt, you will see a wide range of problems from adhesions and ARD (adhesion related disorders).

Your surgery could "fix" the problem. Adhesions can come back, although that does not mean they will. Things like surgery create adhesions in the first place; sometimes more surgery makes more adhesions...then there are people who have surgery to remove adhesions and never have a minute's trouble afterwards.

There are guidelines on this site somewhere, maybe on the board, listing things surgeons can do during surgery to minimize the recurrence of adhesions. Couldn't hurt to look through them and even print them out for your surgeon, if he/she would read them.

I will hope and pray that your condition improves, that the mass is benign and that the surgery is successful. When do you go in? Please let us know how you are doing -- take care,


Lynda M. in AZ

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