Re: Dismal Dr Visit

From: Sally Grigg (
Sat May 19 13:02:06 2001

I agree that if you can avoid anti-depressants it's better all the way around. I think they make you crazy. Now, back off, all those people who will say they have helped, because, I agree, they're right for some poeple, but not for me and not for most people in agony. We need help with the pain not mind altering drugs. That's my opinion, bluntly. Love and hugs and kisses, to you Missy, from Sally wrote:

> At Wed, 16 May 2001, wrote:
> >
> >Well as usual according to this dr it is all in my head, there is no pain and
> >there is nothing he can do about it. Ofcourse I know having surgery brings
> >the risk of more adhesions, but what do I do to live with it now? There is
> >nothing you can do and there is no pain it's all in your head.
> >What good is an anti depressant in regards to pain?? That was his solution
> >an ANTI DEPRESSANT for PAIN!!!!! I'm sorry but this pain is too real, too
> >debilitating, too all consuming not to be real. I am so stressed out !!!!
> >It's a good thing that I am going away tomorrow otherwise I might not be held
> >accountable for my actions.
> >Helen C. I would like to start making arrangements to see Dr. Statkus. I
> >will get a referral from my PCP so if you can help me again with those
> >arrangements I would appreciate it.
> >Thanks for the prayers friends, but obviously this dr just doesn't believe
> >that adhesions cause pain. Like this would be something new.
> >Love,
> >missy

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