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From: Jean Long (
Wed May 16 21:55:51 2001

Missy, You don't live in NJ do you? Man, I miss those days of going to the beach in NJ!!! We use to go every year until my hip replacement, now I can't walk the boardwalk and the sand would be an ultimate challenge!

Don't give up and you will find the help you need. There are still "some" good and compassionate doctors left in the world......just have to find them! Sometimes they are in your own back yard and you just miss them. It always took me 6 months or longer but in the end I always found help! Good luck,


Thought for the day: "Actions speak louder than Words"

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From: "Sally Grigg" <> To: "Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS" <> Sent: Wednesday, May 16, 2001 10:20 PM Subject: To Missy from Sally

Dear Missy, what a sweet letter. Have you tried getting advice from others on the board to help you find a new doctor? Keep trying. Life can be so frustrating. Sometimes it's hard to bear. Love, Sally wrote:

> Sally:
> I'd be glad to come too!!! Lord knows after today's dr visit from hell(o) I
> am going to be needing something for my sanity! I know I am going to NJ
> tomorrow and I am thankful for that, but I have this feeling that things are
> not going to get any better six months down the road. I am praying tho, but
> I would just love to meet you. This board and the women on it have meant so
> much to me the last few weeks that I don't know how I could of gone on some
> days.
> You hang in there Sally and we know that in your heart when you smile that
> smile is really a smile meant for all the special people you have met here
> and we shall return the smile in your heart to you.
> Love you and praying for you,
> Missy

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