Re: Went to DR's i was told slow colon!!

From: toni welsh (
Wed Feb 28 21:17:36 2001

At Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Colette wrote: >
>Hi I went to my dr's appt. This dr was so cheerful NOT!! he told me i
>have a slow colon told me to live with it and gave me yet another
>laxative called MIRALAX- it powder and you mix it with water take 3
>times a day with all kinds of side effects oh ya just what i wanted to
>hear. Or get this he told me i could have my colon removed i really
>don't think so! LOL! I asked about adhesions same old answer its to soon
>and HE highly doubts it! "whatever" these dr. do need to be educated on
>this. I told him of the pain in my leftside under my ribcage "sharp
>pulling sensation " been there since surgery. Dr. told me apulled
>muscle ok boy I guess i won't be going back to him LOL! I have another
>doc. appt with a woman and she is suppose to be good i hope so cause i
>had to wait 2 mos. to see her and thats next friday. I'm going maybe
>she'll believe me. I know i'm not crazy here. I not giving up! Also
>i'm going out to by some magnesium they say it helps constipation and to
>start with 400 ml grams too much and you get diarreha. and also try
>euqual lactin that stuff is over the counter and worth a try. Of course
>i have to buy it this weekend payday friday. Well the fight goes on .
>Gotta go my tummy is hurting so is my side ouch ! hugs to all!!

My GI dr gave me Miralax also, and after i read some of the side effects, I did not take it. I still am doing the senekot, the dr told me Tues, I should take it every night, but I am taking it every other night, and trying to cut down on them. The one dr I saw years ago had something about removing my colon if it gets to me, like you said I don't think so.

I have had a few bad days, but today I am somewhat better. Did he say that adhesions is slowing your bowels, or medication, the drs all say that it is from narcotics, and the other meds I take , but the last appt with my GI dr he said my bowel has become chemically dependant on laxatives, and I was hoping that would not happen, not at 46 years old.


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