Went to DR's i was told slow colon!!

From: Colette (anonymous@medispecialty.com)
Wed Feb 28 18:42:07 2001

Hi I went to my dr's appt. This dr was so cheerful NOT!! he told me i have a slow colon told me to live with it and gave me yet another laxative called MIRALAX- it powder and you mix it with water take 3 times a day with all kinds of side effects oh ya just what i wanted to hear. Or get this he told me i could have my colon removed i really don't think so! LOL! I asked about adhesions same old answer its to soon and HE highly doubts it! "whatever" these dr. do need to be educated on this. I told him of the pain in my leftside under my ribcage "sharp pulling sensation " been there since surgery. Dr. told me apulled muscle ok boy I guess i won't be going back to him LOL! I have another doc. appt with a woman and she is suppose to be good i hope so cause i had to wait 2 mos. to see her and thats next friday. I'm going maybe she'll believe me. I know i'm not crazy here. I not giving up! Also i'm going out to by some magnesium they say it helps constipation and to start with 400 ml grams too much and you get diarreha. and also try euqual lactin that stuff is over the counter and worth a try. Of course i have to buy it this weekend payday friday. Well the fight goes on . Gotta go my tummy is hurting so is my side ouch ! hugs to all!!

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