Re: Adhesions Quilt...It is possible to include pictures!!!

From: Jean (
Wed Feb 28 20:25:22 2001

At Wed, 28 Feb 2001, wrote: >
>YES, it is possible to include your picture along with your story on the
>Adhesions Quilt!!! For example: Kath L. Findlay has included her
>picture with her story.
>To view her picture: Scroll down to first-names that begin with the
>letter, " K." I have no idea how this is done!!
>Hopefully, someone "in the know" will share instructions on how to do
>Helen ( from Minnesota )

Helen, I'm sorry.....I didn't put my story on the quilt yet so I didn't realize "they already have an area" to up-load your photos. It is in the area where you enter or edit your story. It IS EASY!! I have a Photo Album on the internet and do it all the time. If anyone has problems they can email the photos to me(HTML or file attachment) or send them to me to be scanned.

You just find the photo yo want on your computer and then it will up-load it. You just click on your file. Guess I will have to just put my name etc. on the quilt for now with my photo then if someone needs more detailed instructions I can give them step by step. JEAN (from PA) >
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>At Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Janet Karam wrote:
>I love your idea Jean....wonder if they could incorporate the pics with
>our stories on the quilt?

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>Subject: Just a Suggestion!
>Wouldn't it be nice to have a Photo Album on the site??
>I was just on the forum and they added photos of people
>who post on there. Pretty neat, then you can see what people look like
>that you talk to.
>I also have allot of hip problems & have had 3 hip replacements (2 on
>same hip last year). I just sent them my photograph and also my hip
>x-rays to add.
>I went there to check out about hip replacements that have been
>recalled....can you believe that, now I also have to check if that is
>the brand they just put in me last year!!!
>P.S. no,I can't afford to "fund" a photo album (just a
>suggestion)....have enough keeping up with my many health problems and
>costs. Having a problem just saving my home-based business....I don't
>have orders or can't work I don't earn money (no benefits)!
>JEAN (from PA)
>Jean (from PA)

Jean (from PA)

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