Re: Many PUBLICITY IDEAS have been offered by an I AS member....

From: jenny low (
Wed Feb 28 19:11:20 2001


I love it. Whatever I can do to help, I will. I really think it is a great idea though. When people see faces they are moved. Think of the "Feed the Children" commercials. I think if they were to see how many faces there are having the same problem then we may be taken more seriously. I hate to use the "Feed the Children" commercial as an example, but I hope you understand what I am trying to get across. Think of it this way. SOmeone tells you of an illness a person they know has. It is sad to hear about it. But when you know that person or even see a picture of them and hear a little more about that person, you feel more empathy towards that person. So if we do what was suggested it is really going to cause more attention to the situation. I hope I am getting this across the right way. I am not good with words. Anyway, I am for it.


>From: "Helen Dynda" <>
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: Many PUBLICITY IDEAS have been offered by an I AS member....
>Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 18:14:30 -0600
>MANY IDEAS for publicity were offered by an I AS member. She posted the
>following message quite awhile ago.
>If I remember correctly, she received very few replies to her offer. Since
>her offer was made so long ago, I do not know if she still is willing or
>able to offer her help; so I am not mentioning her name. What are your
>thoughts about her suggestions?
>~ ~ ~ ~
>I will give all the time and energy this project needs. I can offer my
>talent as a artist.
>One idea I recently had was to get all of our members to send me ( or
>whomever ) a small photo of themselves...with a short but very descriptive
>bio. of what they have been through, how it has effected their families,
>friends, but most importantly...themselves!!
>I would scan photos and text into the computer and add graphics!!! Then
>sufferers from around the world would finally be united, and new sufferers
>would discover that they are not alone.
>We can send hard copies to everyone.....T.V. hosts, newspapers, Health
>Ministers, magazine editors, members of parliament, medical journals,
>universities..the list could go on and on. They would see our faces, we
>would become real to all of them.
>We could then make a commercial/documentary and pass it around our members
>to plead with their local T.V. stations to run it for charity. This
>effects everyone -- not just women. Men and our "precious children" suffer
>from it too!!
>I just had another thought......I could make buttons, posters, t-shirts.,
>etc.......and In my pottery studio I could make mugs with a logo on them.
>( We all have to come up with some ideas for logos and slogans.)
>Tell me what you think. I am so excited about it mind is
>racing. We could hold fund-raising events for members to travel to get the
>proper medical treatment or to give to member's families who are
>experiencing financial difficulty.
>All of us working together...........what strength!! I can't wait to hear
>your thoughts and opinions.

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