Many PUBLICITY IDEAS have been offered by an I AS member....

From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Feb 28 13:36:04 2001

MANY IDEAS for publicity were offered by an I AS member. She posted the following message quite awhile ago.

If I remember correctly, she received very few replies to her offer. Since her offer was made so long ago, I do not know if she still is willing or able to offer her help; so I am not mentioning her name. What are your thoughts about her suggestions?

~ ~ ~ ~

I will give all the time and energy this project needs. I can offer my talent as a artist.

One idea I recently had was to get all of our members to send me ( or whomever ) a small photo of themselves...with a short but very descriptive bio. of what they have been through, how it has effected their families, friends, but most importantly...themselves!!

I would scan photos and text into the computer and add graphics!!! Then ARD sufferers from around the world would finally be united, and new sufferers would discover that they are not alone.

We can send hard copies to everyone.....T.V. hosts, newspapers, Health Ministers, magazine editors, members of parliament, medical journals, universities..the list could go on and on. They would see our faces, we would become real to all of them.

We could then make a commercial/documentary and pass it around our members to plead with their local T.V. stations to run it for charity. This disease effects everyone -- not just women. Men and our "precious children" suffer from it too!!

I just had another thought......I could make buttons, posters, t-shirts., etc.......and In my pottery studio I could make mugs with a logo on them. ( We all have to come up with some ideas for logos and slogans.)

Tell me what you think. I am so excited about it mind is racing. We could hold fund-raising events for members to travel to get the proper medical treatment or to give to member's families who are experiencing financial difficulty.

All of us working together...........what strength!! I can't wait to hear your thoughts and opinions.

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