Re: I wrote Oprah too! SUGGESTION

From: jackie burgess (
Wed Feb 28 12:53:57 2001

Hi everybody just reading the mail and suggestion on emailing Oprah, I am from the UK and have sky tv and I watch alot of Maury Pouvitch, he always seems to do things on health issues, how about emailing him.

Just an idea!!!!!!!!!!!

kind regard

jackie B england

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> Hi everyone,
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> It's been quite a while since I have posted but I read everything daily.

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The Oprah topic caught my eye as I have written twice now since December. I work in the same industry as the producer's father and I talked to him about our sitation. He was very sympathetic and told me he was going to talk to his daughter soon and would tell her. I have NEVER been one to take advantage of a friendship or knowing people in high places, but there comes a time when it can be quite advantageous and necessary to pull a few strings. Of course there are no guarantees but it is a start. I agree that if everyone here sent an e-mail to the show, we would get noticed. Our "motto" about stregnth being in numbers is about to be put to the test! We need to stick together(no pun intended)on this. I will keep you posted of any new develpoments. I hope everyone has a pain free day! (as I sit here at work with a heating pad on my tummy!) > Love & Prayers to All,
> Lisa

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