Re: Possible bowel obstruction?

From: Robyne Hinks (
Tue Feb 27 06:20:42 2001

Dear Zoe,Bowel blocksges most of the time show up on an ordinary abdominal x-ray.The symtoms can vary but mostly severe pain,you cannot pass wind nor bowel motions and when the doc listens to your tummy sounds there is usually none or very faint. You also vomit and become grossly distended.If you have had gastro pains in the past well this is ten tmes worse. You cannot stand up straight and you feel like crawling everywhere.Love always Robyne.

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> Zoe,
> I think that if you have a history of adhesions that I would go ahead and
> see the doctor if anything to rule out a bowel obstruction and to give
> yourself peace of mind. I have never had a complete bowel obstruction
myself > but I have read that there is severe vomiting with it. I know you were
> saying that you had diarrhea. So it could possibly even be a partial or it
> could be just a virus. But if you have the history of adhesions in the
past > it would be worth having the doctor check you out. I don't think that
would > be something I would play around with. I do hope you are feeling better. I
> wll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Let me know what you decide to do
> or what you find out.
> Love,
> Jenny
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> >Subject: Possible bowel obstruction?
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> >hi,
> >I was hoping for some advice. Since Friday night I have chronic
> >dihorrea vomitting and terrible cramps. On sat after not having eaten
> >all day I thought I was feeling better. I ate a little and then the
> >vomiting etc started again. This continued all day sunday and I was
> >unable to keep fluids down. I didn't even try to eat.
> >Today I feel a bit better, weak and still nauseas but I haven't been
> >sick. If anything I feel constipated today.
> >How long should I wait before I call the Dr out? It's probably just a
> >bug but when should I start to worry about bowel obstruction?
> >I'm sure that many of you suffer frequent bowel problems and would know
> >much more than I...
> >I've also been told that I have a rumbling appendix too...
> >Thanks
> >Zoe
> >
> >--
> >Zoe (UK)
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