Possible bowel obstruction?

From: Zoe (anonymous@medispecialty.com)
Mon Feb 26 10:20:14 2001

hi, I was hoping for some advice. Since Friday night I have chronic dihorrea vomitting and terrible cramps. On sat after not having eaten all day I thought I was feeling better. I ate a little and then the vomiting etc started again. This continued all day sunday and I was unable to keep fluids down. I didn't even try to eat. Today I feel a bit better, weak and still nauseas but I haven't been sick. If anything I feel constipated today. How long should I wait before I call the Dr out? It's probably just a bug but when should I start to worry about bowel obstruction? I'm sure that many of you suffer frequent bowel problems and would know much more than I... I've also been told that I have a rumbling appendix too... Thanks Zoe

Zoe (UK)

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