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From: Millie (
Tue Feb 27 02:23:42 2001

To Jenny in Houston, I felt so bad when I read that your puppy passed away. What happened? What breed was he? One of our dogs died on an Easter Sunday. Then another one died on Mother's Day. They can be your best friends. They love you no matter what. Millie

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> Dear Jenny,
> I am so sorry to hear about your husband. You were such a support to me
when > my puppy passed away and now you are separated from you own dogs too. I
> can't imagine the betrayal that you feel from your husband and also your
> friend. I will be praying for you to have some comfort and peace. I wish I
> could be there to help you through these hard times. If there is anythng
> else I can do please let me know.
> Big hugs and lots of love to you,
> Jenny in Houston
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> >Subject: support needed!
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> >Hello all,
> >I'm in need of a bit of support. I discovered a couple of weeks ago
> >that my husband has been having an affair with a 'friend' of mine for
> >the last 15 months. I have now moved out of our home, but still
> >struggling with not only the pain of adhesions, but the pain of the loss
> >of him and my beloved dogs.
> >Any support appreciated!!
> >love,
> >Jenny L (Scotland)
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