Re: Pennsylvania Insurance Department.....for JEAN

From: Jean (
Tue Feb 27 00:05:25 2001

At Mon, 26 Feb 2001, Helen Dynda wrote: >
>Dear Jean,
>After I read your message, I remembered reading that "HMOs are regulated by
>your state's department of insurance" in the article, "How to Challenge an
>HMO's Denial of Coverage," which I just posted.
>So I entered "Pennsylvania Insurance Department" at the MetaCrawler search
>engine...and here is the result of my search:
>[] Pennsylvania Insurance Department...Click on: "How do I...submit a
>complaint to the Insurance Department?"
>When you click on "How do I...submit a complaint to the Insurance
>Department?" will be taken to a site where you can fill in information
>about your complaint.
>I hope that this will apply to your problem with your insurance company.
>It sure doesn't hurt to give it a try! Good luck, Jean!!

Helen, Thanks I will give it a try if the nursing home doesn't get anywhere. For now the nursing home told me to let them try to appeal it themselves and they will let me know if and when they feel they need my help. My first time in the nursing home was last July and then again in September so it isn't looking good. I did save it to my favorites in case I need it.

Don't know if it will work in the case of the doctor who owes me money since it is no longer with the insurance because the doctor now owes "me" the money not them. Guess it wouldn't hurt to ask them if they know what to do in a case like that. JEAN (from PA)

Jean (from PA)

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