Hyskon or Ringer's Lactate Instillation.....

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Tue Feb 27 00:01:08 2001

[] Transvaginal Ultrasound Assessment of Hyskon or Ringer's Lactate Instillation Following Laparoscopy


Objective: Hyskon, a high molecular weight dextran, and Ringer's Lactate, a crystalloid solution, are commonly placed in the pelvis following surgical procedures for adhesion prevention based on the premise that fluids keep pelvic organs apart after surgical trauma. We sought to determine whether either fluid persisted in the pelvis for an adequate time after laparoscopy thought adequate for adhesion prevention.

[ NOTE: There is much more to read between these two paragraphs; but since this is an Abstract I decided to use only the first and last paragraphs.]

Conclusions: We conclude that the volume of Hyskon placed in the peritoneal cavity after surgery does not decline as rapidly as does that of Ringer's Lactate. It may be more advantageous to use Hyskon over Ringer's Lactate at laparoscopy to prevent adhesions due to its greater persistence in the peritoneal cavity.

Source: 1995 ASRM Meeting

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