Re: Millie -- urgent!

From: toni welsh (
Mon Feb 26 08:04:46 2001

At Mon, 26 Feb 2001, Kate Murphy wrote: >
>On 25 Feb 2001, at 23:13, Millie wrote:
>> Hi Karla'
>> Yes, sometimes you think you'll die, but here we are for another day of
>> fun.LOL. oday was the worst yet. I wonder how long before something blocks
>> off. I hope not. I was checking out my pills tonight, but hubby grabbed
>> them. I do't think I could do it, anyway. My luck, I'd choke on the pills.
>> Millie
>If you are looking at pills, counting them, thinking of suicide -- call
>the doctor you feel most comfortable with and get an immediate
>referral -- a TODAY referral -- to a psychiatrist.
>Depression that leads to thoughts of suicide is deadly. And it can
>be managed.
>You don't want to do something in a moment of panic that you
>would not do if you were not clinically depressed.
>That you have written to us about your suicide attempt (for it was
>that) shows that you are reaching out for help. We can't help.
>Only a doctor can.
>Find one today!
>Kate Murphy


PLEASE get some help today, I felt that way 2 years ago, and was talking to my sister. She called my gyn who I did not want to bother, he called me back in 5 minutes and he listened to me cry in desperation, and he is a gyn, took the time we talked for over a half hour, and I felt so much better. This is why I love my gyn, he did not have to listen, please, Millie, life is too precious, call someone today.

I am vey worried about you, please let us know you are okay!!!

Love, Toni

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