Millie -- urgent!

From: Kate Murphy (
Mon Feb 26 06:57:30 2001

On 25 Feb 2001, at 23:13, Millie wrote:

> Hi Karla'
> Yes, sometimes you think you'll die, but here we are for another day of
> fun.LOL. oday was the worst yet. I wonder how long before something blocks
> off. I hope not. I was checking out my pills tonight, but hubby grabbed
> them. I do't think I could do it, anyway. My luck, I'd choke on the pills.
> Millie


If you are looking at pills, counting them, thinking of suicide -- call the doctor you feel most comfortable with and get an immediate referral -- a TODAY referral -- to a psychiatrist.

Depression that leads to thoughts of suicide is deadly. And it can be managed.

You don't want to do something in a moment of panic that you would not do if you were not clinically depressed.

That you have written to us about your suicide attempt (for it was that) shows that you are reaching out for help. We can't help. Only a doctor can.

Find one today!


Kate Murphy

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