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Sun Feb 25 14:19:31 2001

Dawn, I am going to see what I can do tomorrow, if I hold up that long. This morning I was so severely constipated that I thought I'd die. I took a Dulcolax suppository, which helped some, and 3 Tablespoons of Haley's M O, with water. I had a little loose stool this afternoon. My insides hurt so bad, I just have to lie down. The e.r. Dr. the other night was very smart-mouthed to me. I told him it looks like I will have to find new Drs. I feel so bad that when I went to Scranton to see Dr. Redan, who is very nice- that he felt he couldn't help me right now. I hurried and got the paperwork faxed to his office, along with the medical records he wanted, only to be turned away for now. I don't know what to do, because the ob/gyn did nothing when I saw her on Feb,8. Here all this time has gone by. I'm so bitter and disgusted. I so wish I was one of those lucky people that Dr. Redan could help. Nothing is going right for me. Millie

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> Millie
> I think I am about at thesame point you are no one has done anything
so > far I can not eat anything I drink alot of water to try and keep my bowels
> moving a little it had been 6 days and finally yesterday morning I had a
very > small one but that is very painful and it is very difficult to pass gas at
> all. Right now I try to make it day by day some days are sever and some
days > aren"t so bad. I am really hoping I can get a referral back to the dr that
> was helping me.Can you get one from an er dr?
> Dawn

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