Millie: some help with your anger

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Sat Feb 24 22:26:08 2001

Hi MIllie,

Millie I see your anger in your messages, and we all sympathize immensely. Most of us have dealt with the same situations at one time or another. I used to believe that my anger kept me going. I was angry at the doctors, angry at my body, angry at anyone who would listen really. I have learnt alot from this board. One of the best revelations I have made is NOT to be angry anymore, You see it makes my condition 100% worse. I cannot take back what has been done to my body. It's unfair sometimes. It really is. My situation needn't have ended up with nearly 30 operations.

Acceptance of things I cannot change releases the tension you will feel. The stress you are putting yourself under will be felt throughout your body. You do need time to let your body heal from your hysterectomy. It is a very major operation as unneccessary as it may well have been. I was able to communicate better with my doctors when I wasn't so angry. It enabled me to explore my options without any accusations and defenses they put up to me.

Irritable Bowel is often misdiagnosed with adhesions, but it is also a real complaint. I take "Colofac", and it relaxes my bowel when it becomes irritated. I do not have irritable bowel symtoms from food, but from the operations. I only realised the extent of irratability when the tablets relaxed it. I know it sounds like doctors are "palming" your pain off, but I think it is worth entertaining this idea with the problems you are experiencing. Drink lots of water as it flushes your system and hydrates your bowel. A dehydrated bowel causes so much pain. I know this for a fact.

When we are in constant pain, it makes you extremely edgy. It brings out the worst in anyone. How could it not? I don't think anyone truly understands until they've lived with it for awhile. You will have plenty of time when you are strong enough, to deal with these insensitive doctors.

What was Dr. Redan's suggestions for helping your bowel movements?

Millie, I truly hope that you find some relief, I really do. You have been mistreated and abused.

I wish I could give you something to make it all right again, but I can't.... so the next best thing is our support.

Your pain pal Trace xo

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> Dawn'
> I read your note about the pain from adhesions. It is a terrible thing. I
> have not been right since I had the TAH in January. She tried to say it's
> irritable bowel. She laughed it off. Last night I wentback to the e.r. of
> that hospital, and I had the same e.r. dr. I saw a few days after surgery.
> He wasn't too happy that I came back. All he did was bloodwork, and tried
> to say it is a colic. Bull!! Then he came back in, and was kind of
> nasty,when he asked me why I didn't take the medicine she prescribed. I
told > him that what she prescribed was Bentyl, which is constipating, and so is
> Effexor. I told him I am angry that she took everything but 1 ovary when
> there was nothing really wrong with the organs. He got a bit snotty and
> said, "well, you must have signed forit." I'd like to report him., if I
knew > where. Also, sometime before I had the surgery , the male nurse
practitioner > asked ,"Did you get your uterus ripped out yet?" He should be reported. Of
> course, if if isn't on paper in a Drs. report, it doesn't exist in their
> eyes. I am having even more problems going. I went to see Dr. Redan,
> yesterday, but I came away even more discouraged, because he said to wait
3 > months to be sure you're healed, then maybe he'd take a look. He looked at
> the incision, and pressed around it some.
> He was very nice, but I only saw him for 10 minutes at the most, after
going > 60 miles. After hurrying to fax in forms to them, to supposedly be set up
> for the adhesiolysis. I have had more pain today. The little bit of stool
I > do pass, is small, painful, and it gets worse.Even to pass gas. I don't
want > to end up with an ostomy. Did you ever have a n.g. tube? Are they really
> painful to have inserted, or uncomfortable?
> How would you feel if a Dr. or nurse practitioner said that to you? What
> would you do?
> Millie

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> > Hi Robin
> >
> > I am new here too.I had 2 c-sections in 1988 and one in 1990 Ihad
my > gal
> > bladder removed during my second pregancy. I had my tubes tied in 1991
> then
> > in 1992 I had my right ovaries removed becauseof cysts then in 1994 I
had > a
> > complete hystrectomy and I had lap in may of 2000 for my adhesions on my
> > instestines and small bowel then in August of 2000 dr wilson opened me
up > > along my c-section cut to try to give me some releif but here I am again
> 31
> > years old I can not eat and the pain is unbearable my insurance has
> changed
> > and now I am dealing with someone who knows less than I do about
adhesions > I
> > have to deal without any pain releif and I cry almost contsantly when it
> gets
> > real bad I go to the er and the head dr there knows how it feels because
> his
> > grandmother suffered for years with adhesions. So hang in there and
don't > > give up. I hang on to a thread of hope that someone will help me. Tired
> and
> > feeling useless in Tenn. I wish you luck and will keep you close to
heart > in
> > my prayers.
> >
> > wishing you the best
> >
> > Dawn
> >

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