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Sat Feb 24 19:34:46 2001

Dawn' I read your note about the pain from adhesions. It is a terrible thing. I have not been right since I had the TAH in January. She tried to say it's irritable bowel. She laughed it off. Last night I wentback to the e.r. of that hospital, and I had the same e.r. dr. I saw a few days after surgery. He wasn't too happy that I came back. All he did was bloodwork, and tried to say it is a colic. Bull!! Then he came back in, and was kind of nasty,when he asked me why I didn't take the medicine she prescribed. I told him that what she prescribed was Bentyl, which is constipating, and so is Effexor. I told him I am angry that she took everything but 1 ovary when there was nothing really wrong with the organs. He got a bit snotty and said, "well, you must have signed forit." I'd like to report him., if I knew where. Also, sometime before I had the surgery , the male nurse practitioner asked ,"Did you get your uterus ripped out yet?" He should be reported. Of course, if if isn't on paper in a Drs. report, it doesn't exist in their eyes. I am having even more problems going. I went to see Dr. Redan, yesterday, but I came away even more discouraged, because he said to wait 3 months to be sure you're healed, then maybe he'd take a look. He looked at the incision, and pressed around it some. He was very nice, but I only saw him for 10 minutes at the most, after going 60 miles. After hurrying to fax in forms to them, to supposedly be set up for the adhesiolysis. I have had more pain today. The little bit of stool I do pass, is small, painful, and it gets worse.Even to pass gas. I don't want to end up with an ostomy. Did you ever have a n.g. tube? Are they really painful to have inserted, or uncomfortable? How would you feel if a Dr. or nurse practitioner said that to you? What would you do? Millie

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> Hi Robin
> I am new here too.I had 2 c-sections in 1988 and one in 1990 Ihad my
gal > bladder removed during my second pregancy. I had my tubes tied in 1991
then > in 1992 I had my right ovaries removed becauseof cysts then in 1994 I had
a > complete hystrectomy and I had lap in may of 2000 for my adhesions on my
> instestines and small bowel then in August of 2000 dr wilson opened me up
> along my c-section cut to try to give me some releif but here I am again
31 > years old I can not eat and the pain is unbearable my insurance has
changed > and now I am dealing with someone who knows less than I do about adhesions
I > have to deal without any pain releif and I cry almost contsantly when it
gets > real bad I go to the er and the head dr there knows how it feels because
his > grandmother suffered for years with adhesions. So hang in there and don't
> give up. I hang on to a thread of hope that someone will help me. Tired
and > feeling useless in Tenn. I wish you luck and will keep you close to heart
in > my prayers.
> wishing you the best
> Dawn

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