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From: Jean (
Sat Feb 24 13:47:33 2001

At Fri, 23 Feb 2001, Colette wrote: >
>At Fri, 23 Feb 2001, Jean wrote:
>>At Fri, 23 Feb 2001, Colette wrote:
>>>next week when i go to the dr's the girl on the phone told me to do an
>>>enema 2 hrs before hand. Because he might want to take a look! Now what
>>>is he using and does it hurt? I feel like such a baby asking because i'v
>>>had three kids and numurous surgeries but i'm tired of hurting. Does it
>>>take very long to do this procedure? She also said something that he
>>>might do a barium enema i tried one of those years ago it hurt so much i
>>>could'nt go through with it. I guess he'll just have to do a
>>> thanks colette
>>It sounds to me like he will most likely do a Sigmoidoscopy.
>>I have never gone to a Gastroenterologist who didn't do
>this procedure
>ok i had a sigmoidoscope done years ago and cried through the whole
>thing. I don't think so! I had a greatgasteroligist back east that
>never did any of that went straight for a colonoscopy. He told me it
>was easier that way i was'nt uncomfortable. And from what i read the
>sigmoidscope is'nt even accurate. the gasteroligist back east was great
>i have yet to find another one like him. But i will go to the appt. and
>tell him how i feel about it. I know my insurance will cover the
>colonscopy that is the only way for me.
>>on my first visit. I had it done "many" times. A tube is inserted into
>>the lower 10" of your bowel to visualize the inside of your rectum and
>>lower bowel and is done in a doctor's office.
>>It doesn't take long, about 15 minutes.
>>Some people have a little discomfort, some allot of discomfort, everyone
>>is different.
>>A Colonoscopy is performed in the hospital with some sedation on an
>>out-patient basis (usually)and inspects a much larger portion of bowel.
>>It takes longer than a Sigmoidoscopy.
>>Here are 3 Web-sites with detailed information on each procedure and
>>also a support group with people who had it done.
>>JEAN (from PA)

I also have allot of pain with all of the procedures and refuse to get them done again. I can't even get my stools out if they have form and my intestines have narrowed so how do they expect me to withstand this? I will only agree to a colonoscopy if the do it by giving intravenous sedation which has the amnesia drug. I had the drug for my epidural shots in my back and it was great and I didn't remember a thing although they say you are awake....coulda fooled me. I just remember putting the intravenous in and then I was waking in the recovery room!! Some people do have what they call "discomfort" though with the sigmoidscopy and colonoscopy and that amazes me. I figured it was just me who had such a bad experience.....especially since my one doctor said "I have an extremely low tolerance to pain"! JEAN (from PA)


Jean (from PA)

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