Re: I Need to Know???(question)

From: Janet Karam (
Fri Feb 23 16:26:34 2001

Dear Colette,

Sounds kind of vague...can you still call today and ask them specifically how the doc intends to "take a look"?



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> next week when i go to the dr's the girl on the phone told me to do an
> enema 2 hrs before hand. Because he might want to take a look! Now what
> is he using and does it hurt? I feel like such a baby asking because i'v
> had three kids and numurous surgeries but i'm tired of hurting. Does it
> take very long to do this procedure? She also said something that he
> might do a barium enema i tried one of those years ago it hurt so much i
> could'nt go through with it. I guess he'll just have to do a
> colonoscopy.
> thanks colette

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