Family troubles

From: toni welsh (
Sat Feb 24 06:13:59 2001

I had a bad time last night, I hate getting mad at my father. I try to hise so much from him, he has enough to take care of my handicapped sister, and I had her last night. I do bowl on Friday night, and I should not have tried it lasy night, my gyn was glad to hear that I went back to it, I LOVE to bowl, but I had a bad day yesterday, my stomach felt like a brick in it, but I go on and do the things I like to do. I never see my dad much, and was looking forward to him coming down, he said he would be their at a certain time, and he was not there, he does drink alot when the guys go out and I know that, but he kept on saying he would be there to spend some time with me. I called my sister to see if he picked up her son, he has had him for 2 months, and she is much better now, and I get so aggravated that she never wants her boy at hime, totally depends on dad, and I got mad, and she told him, when he got to the bowling alley finally, he did not talk to me, I was so hurt, I sat there and cried.

I do not tell him the troubles I have been having, he has to know, he was always there when I had my surgeries, and I do not want him to worry about me too, he ha d enough with my nephew, who is 11, and my sister, mentally retarde, who is 30 yeras old. I feel like that is enough to worry about. But when I tried to talk to him he got very angry, was drinking, but he does not understand I was looking forward to him coming to spend time with us. I get so tired of being hurt by family, and like I told my husband, at five oclock yesterday, I am tired of all htis hurting. I suffer when I bowl, but I need to do the things I enjoy. Life has to go on, or I would go crazy. I guess Ii am going to have to tell him why I was in such I bad mood, and I am tired of my sister causing trouble with family, and on top of it,she drives him nuts anyway, and he knows how much she lies, oh I am sorry it was just a bad day, and night, and this morning I wake up with tehh bad cramping, and when I get upset I know I am going to suffer the next day.

Take care all Toni

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