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Sat Feb 24 20:30:54 2001

Colette, He may want to do a flexible sigmoid.I am not going to lie. It hurt me something awful. I've had barium enemas, but they weren't quite as bad as the flex. My meeting with Dr. Redan yesterday lasted only 10 minutes. He looked at my incision, pressed around it and said it looked good, but he said it's too early to do anything, because it can take up to 3 months to heal. I don't know what I'm supposed to do, I guess die waiting, or end up with god knows who doing another botch job on me. I had very thin stools on Thursady. Not much today, but steady pain. I went to the e.r. where I had the surgery. The dr. wasn't very nice to me. I told him that I am not happy being written off the way I am by the ob/gyn.calling me her colicky baby. I told him about the remark the male n.p. from the gastros' office asked if I had my uterus ripped out yet. Tonight I have been eyeing those pills again. i try to have faith, but it's dwindling fast. Tonight I have either a cold or a sinus infection to add to it. Every time I sneeze, it about kills me belly. I feel so backed up, but i'm afraid to try anything, in case there'ssomething wrong. I can't eat much at a time. I feel like I block right up. Millie

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> next week when i go to the dr's the girl on the phone told me to do an
> enema 2 hrs before hand. Because he might want to take a look! Now what
> is he using and does it hurt? I feel like such a baby asking because i'v
> had three kids and numurous surgeries but i'm tired of hurting. Does it
> take very long to do this procedure? She also said something that he
> might do a barium enema i tried one of those years ago it hurt so much i
> could'nt go through with it. I guess he'll just have to do a
> colonoscopy.
> thanks colette

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