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Tue Feb 20 20:19:35 2001

At Tue, 20 Feb 2001, Jim wrote: >
>First off, I must say that I feel quite out of place after seeing the
>vast amount of messages from females about problems with adhesions. I
>can tell you they happen to males just as bad.
>I am only 35 years old and have had three laparotomies. One for a colon
>resection, one for a complete bowel obstruction due to adhesions, and a
>third for incisional hernia repair. I am in a constant state of
>unbearable pain. I have been bounced from doctor to doctor, all the
>while being told that adhesions don't cause pain. I am also finding
>myself in the ER like every two weeks because the pain/cramping gets so
>bad that I think I am having another bowel obstruction. Of course the
>obstruction series always come up "normal" (except for last month, when
>I did have a partial and spent 2 days with an NG tube).
>My current surgeon says that surgery is not an option unless I obstruct
>completely. I saw in a note to my family doctor that he thinks I am
>complaining as part of "pain seeking behavior" just to get "unneeded"
>pain meds. I saw this letter and went through the roof (I am still
>furious). I sent this surgeon my own letter letting him know what I
>thought of his "observations". Needless to say I will not be seeing him
>Two weeks ago I went to Johns Hopkins and saw a leading GI surgeon (a
>REALLY nice guy!) who told me the same thing my previous surgeon told me
>about staying away from the belly unless a complete obstruction happens
>again. (In fact, when I asked about laparoscopic adhesiolysis his
>resident said that that procedure runs an "extremely high" morbidity
>rate and is strongly discouraged unless one's life is threatened).
>I then came upon this site last week and have read with great interest
>about the Scranton PA practice. I emailed Dr. Redan and he replied
>immediately (I am still shocked!). I Fed Ex'd my surgical reports and
>tests to him on Friday (2/16). I then got a phone call from him today
>to see how I was doing! (Has anyone ever heard of a doctor showing such
>great initiative with a patient?) After discussing my options, I agreed
>that I need this adhesiolysis. I live right outside of Philly so I can
>drive up there to see him.
>My only questions are 1)is it worth the huge amount of money I will have
>to come up with, 2)am I in great danger of incurring life-threatening
>complications during surgery as I have been told, and 3)has anyone out
>there been operated on by Dr. Redan who can tell me their, hopefully,
>success stories.
>I hope that anyone who can provide me with viable information upon which
>I can base this major life decision would respond to this post.

Hi Jim,

Have you been on here before? I thought I remembered you from last year? When you had aprtial obstructions, was there any vomitung involved? I have been told that I have had partial obstructions, and there was no vomiting.

I have ALOT of cramping pain, and I am ALWAYS taking laxatives, I have taken senekot for 3 years, and even that sometimes does not work, then the pain is worse. I cannot use milk of magnesia anymore it NEVER works. It gets so frustrating not to be able to go, and the days you take it I have to stay at home. I am wanting to get a part time job, but I started at K MArt at Christmas and only lasted a wek, I am the only one at home during the day , and i get very lonely.

I cannot believe the pain that all this has caused me, everyone who has surgery, as some drs tell me, have adhesions, but that most people do not complain about. I have had seven laparotomies and 4 laparoscopies, over a period of 24 years, but the last 6 years I have had five of them. Two laparotomies and one lap in five months in 98, amd all that did me in. I am STILL trying to stop smoking, I want to get off the cigs before I go for surgery. I am worried about my friend, she goes next Tuesday for surgery, probably a lap, but possible laparotomy, and she smokes ALOT of them. I tried to tell her she needs to stop, and she said her nerves are too bad.

I have tried everything, and nothing is working.

Toni >

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