Re: Dr. Redan

From: Kate Murphy (
Tue Feb 20 22:41:44 2001

On 20 Feb 2001, at 14:26, Jim wrote:

> I am only 35 years old and have had three laparotomies. One for a colon
> resection, one for a complete bowel obstruction due to adhesions, and a
> third for incisional hernia repair. I am in a constant state of
> unbearable pain. I have been bounced from doctor to doctor, all the
> while being told that adhesions don't cause pain. I am also finding
> myself in the ER like every two weeks because the pain/cramping gets so
> bad that I think I am having another bowel obstruction. Of course the
> obstruction series always come up "normal" (except for last month, when
> I did have a partial and spent 2 days with an NG tube).


My story is similar to yours, except I am in my fifties, female, and have had six laps, the last for complete bowel obstruction. My surgeons also feel more surgery would be counterproductive.

My pain is pretty much under control now with diet and the use of an anti-inflammatory drug. When I get pain (in my case it is a sharp localized pain with tenderness, not cramping), I reduce fiber and anything that can't be chewed to a pretty mushy consistency even further.

I did have the worst areas of scarred small bowel removed during my last surgery.

I cannot tell you anything about Dr. Redan. Certainly at 35 you need to find a solution to constant pain.


Kate Murphy

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