Re: Millie

Tue Feb 20 12:42:58 2001

Millie I know how you feel.I had my right ovaries removed in 1990 and then in 1994 I was told I had endo the pain from that seemed unbearable at the time I was given a complete historectomy. I thought this is it I am through I will be alot better and never hurt again no more painful cycles no more emergency surgery.But it is not over yet it seems. I go oputside on my patio when I feel my anger building up. I tell everyone in the house I love them but I have to step out and sometimes it helps me.I have a wonderful obgyn here in Jackson TN and a the head of the hospital has also helped me alot.I see DR Donald Wilson and Dr Doug Phillips it is important and very hard to find someone to help and who beleives how bad you feel.Don't give up keep trying everything you can and you will find someone who will take care of you.My wonderful husband has to do alot now and I know its hard on him.Sometimes I feel like I am such a burden but he is always there saying do it for us for our children and I know I can't give up because I love them to much to leave them.


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