Re: My son!!!

From: Janet Karam (
Mon Feb 19 19:20:32 2001

Hi Wanda,

I don't think I could say it any better than Karla. I did want to let you know I am thinking of you though.

I have surgery scheduled in PA next month, I will be travelling from Denver Colorado. This is the only clinic of it's kind in the US, so for me to have a greater chance of having my life back, the travel is worth it.

You can visit the PA clinic at , or e-mail Dr. Redan directly at

You and your son are in my thoughts and prayers.



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> My son has been having pain for the last 11 months and
> has been in and out of the hospital with every test that
> can be run. He is 11 yrs old and 11 months ago was the
> most active kid in the world. He is world champion in
> martial arts and a first degree blackbelt. He plays base-
> ball in the summer and basketball in the winter. He wants
> to be able to play soccer and football too........but
> as he is now.......he cannot do anything but lay on the
> couch most of the time and scream in pain. We have been
> to the best children's hospital in Houston and at first
> they thought he had appendisitis and did a lapros surgery
> and found an adhesion and took out his appendix even
> though they were fine. He was pain free for about a
> month and a half after his surgery....the doctor said that
> the adhesion was really nothing to worry about. His pain
> came back and we returned to the doctors and they ran more
> tests ...ct scan,x-rays,u name it they ran it. The surgeons
> scratched their heads....sent us to a GI doctor...and he
> never did anything but give him laxitives because he was
> constipated. The GI doctor scratched his head and sent us
> to a sports med doctor and he scratched his head. Then they
> told us they did not know and sent us home saying it was
> all in his head! He cries ...saying it feels like something
> is ripping and tearing inside his side and his right side
> where your appendix is suppose to be is so tender he can't
> bend over , he is bloated, he has gained about 60 pounds,
> he can't run and play like the other kids and he hates it!
> If he tries to play or work out in karate......he suffers
> for 2 to 3 days nonstop. I found a doctor that is an
> internal doc and he says it is adhesions and has been
> treating him with Vioxx and Prednisone......but it is not
> working. He sent us to a surgeon a few days ago and he told
> us he would not touch it! HELPPPPP I am at my wits end with
> this.......I want my baby to feel better and be able to be a
> normal child again!!! I need the name of some surgeons in the
> Houston,Texas area that does this kinda surgery and is good,
> I want someone that knows what they are doing!If anyone can
> help me ....please email me! Thank you.......A very desperate
> mom!

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