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From: Millie (
Sun Feb 18 12:41:30 2001

Toni, I had an unneeded abdominal hysterectomy on Jan.29,2001. She left the right ovary. She said the things she removed looked good, so I wonder why she removed them. I have major bowel problems since then. The only decent times wer in the hospital when they gave me a suppository, and on Feb.1. I told her last Tuesday that I am having problems. She smiled, said it is irritable bowel, which I said it's not, because I do have it, and it's nothing like what I endure now. I have been to 3 or 4 e.r.'s in the past few weeks. I retain stool and air. I am petrified of a blockage, or of a colostomy because I allowed the ob/gyn to subject me to this. Too much laxative use can damage the intestines, and cause a brown pigment in them. Laxatives in the class of Ex Lax. They say you can be laxative dependent if you're on them a lot. What kind of bowel problems do you experience? Have you ever had any obstruction? I am so upset with myself for letting her cut me, but I cannot replace what she took, mentally or physically from me.They also say to watch taking too many narcotics, because they can mask certain serious bowel problems.They slow down bowel activity, which is not good if you are having problems going. I am at most times in a catatonic state. I am a different person, and I don't like who I've become. Please answer. Millie

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> I have not been on here for awhile, my husband and I just finally bought
> our own computer last night, and I love it. I got tired of using our
> son's all tthe time.
> We have alot more to learn now, my son is building our website for our
> antique business and we are excited about that, I have to learn how to
> use our new digital camera now, and alot more.
> I sent a few emails last night, and they did not get through, but no one
> else has been here either. I saw my gyn last Thursday, and he did a
> pelvic, and I told him about the pain to try to be with my husband, and
> he told me that when he did my exam that he noticed the vaginal area is
> shrinking, and I guess that is because I am never sexually active. We
> talked about the estratest, and he did not think that was going to help
> me. He gave me a RX for premarin cream to see if that may help.
> We also talked about surgery, and he reassured me that he would go in
> with a general surgeon when I decide to do it, and that made me feel
> better, as you all know I have alot of faith in this gyn. He did my
> sisters hysterecomy, and mine and he is operateing on my girlfriend the
> end of this month. He is a fantastic dr, and very well respected at the
> best hospital in Cinti. I feel better knowong this. He did say that it
> appears very constricted in the pelvis, but he thought I was doing well
> trying to deal with it, and I am , but i told him I was going to stay
> with pain management a few more months to see how things were going. I
> know I am tired of taking the narcotics tho, they may be making the
> bowel situation worse. I think I may take laxatives the rest of my life
> and that is one thing that worries me. Do any of you really know if the
> use of laxatives can damage your bowels of not? I ahve been told so many
> different things from so many different drs. I wish they would all
> agree!
> Love to all,
> TOni

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