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Wed Feb 14 04:59:03 2001

At Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Robin Medici wrote: >Hello again to everyone who has asked for more information on herbal therapy.

I am from a country town in NSW Australia. We are fortunate to have a very experienced chinese herbalist in our town. Gordon was trained in China, has attended university & also studied western medicine. The advantage is that he understands the western medications & pain relievers we are being prescribed by our GP's.

There is no magic formula to Gordons combination of herbs. Each visit he talks to me and asks me what my symtons have been for the previous 4 days. He takes copious notes and also checks the pressure of your blood (this is not the same as taking your blood pressure). What he does is rest your wrist on a smal pillow and then using the pressure of his fingers on your vains, he can check how the blood is moving through your vains. This is difficult for me to explain without going into enormous detail. It has to do with harmony, balance & Chi (please excuse my spelling) After he has completed his consultation, he prescribes the herbs to work on the symptoms I have been experiencing in the previous 4 days. Therefore, the herbs are not exactly the same each week. He explains that it is a balancing act, and when our systems aren't working properly, the body gives certain sighns, it is these signs that he uses to prescribe treatment.

He has also shown me some very simple massage tecniques starting on the upper right side of my beely button I place one hand over the other & massage my stomach in a clockwise direction for at least 100 rotations. It creates heat I have found & helps to "keep the bowel moving". Also Clockwise over my kidneys (This one I particularly love because pain from my kidneys can be very debilitating at times, especially when I first wake up of a morning.)

To explain my faith in this man's abilities I feel I need to explain a little about my husbands condition. It started off with constipation, something he has delt with from childhood. As he got older, the period of time in between movements increased, until sometimes it was almost a month before he could open his bowels. It would then be several debilitating days constantly on the toilet. From there it progressed to severe migrane headaches, shaking, cronic diarrea and food sensitivity., He was loosing his memory & had no concentration. He would fall asleep in the oddest places and began to deteriorate rapidly. He had endless tests, biopsy's & scans. They could find nothing, at one stage tests showed that his pancreas was shutting down, so they described medication to replace the ensimes in his pancreas. These enzimes help to break down food & absorb nutrients.

He had a life threatening reaction to this medication & is now alergic to pork products & certain other foods. Eventually the only foods he could eat was a very small serving of steamed fish or chicken & a few steamed vegetables. A glass of water or a cup of watery tea his only liquids.

The western specialists through up their hands at this point & told us "we don't know what is wrong with you!", one specialist has been doing some clinical research on chinese herbal therapy with irritable bowel syndrome patients. He recommended that my husband find one.

For months friends, clients, collegues were giving us Gordon's business card, begging my husband to try him.

Within six weeks he was starting to reduce the thirty odd tablets a day he had to take, and within two months was completely off western medication. That was twelve months ago..... *huge grin* I have my husband back, he is in what gordon calls the "fine tuning stage" now, & will be off herbals soon.

*grin* As I write this to you all, my herbal is brewing on the stove, it stinks! But I will drink it because I had another 8 hours sleep last night, no pain meds ALL DAY AND I DROVE MY CAR ALL OVER TOWN & GOT ALL MY WORK DONE & HAD AN EMERGANCY TRIP TO MY DAUGHTERS SCHOOL. gUESS WHAT! i SIT HERE, STILL NOT NEEDING PAIN MEDS.

I know there will still be bad days, but already I feel more positive. I know that surgery still may be a part of my treatment, but at least I will feel stonger, be in a better frame of mind for surgery, and I may not brake the poor nurses hand as I go go to sleep for surgery!

As for finding a good herbalist in your area ASK!! Look everywhere. When you find someone ask LOTS of questions & ask to see proof of their training. A six weeks course with some alternative therapy centre just won't do.

My husbands brother is in medical research & has sent us copies of various papers containing the results on herbal medicine. It has been proved in clinical trials that the style of treatment my husband & I have is the most likely to succeed. Gordon has told me up front that he may not be able to completely restore my health, but he is sure that my quality of life can be improved markedley.

Well friends, my husband has finished brewing my whole cup of a smelly black mess........*grin* cheers mate!

P>Thanks so much for the info - you really did do a lot of research and >I'll take advantage of your experiences. I too hae atried a number of
>things you mentioned. Like you, smoe helped for awhile, most didn't. I
>just keep searching. You did mention a few I hadn't tried so maybe I'll
>delved into those! thanks again for responding!
>At Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Janet Karam wrote:
>>Dear Robin,
>>I had a cupboard stashed with over 40 different hebs at one point, so I
>>figured I'd share my experience with this.
>>Out of everything I tried, a practitioner of oriental medicine helped me the
>>most, combining acupunture and prescribed herbs. These practitioners are
>>usually listed in the phone book under acupuncturists. Your first visit
>>would likely be one and a half hours, and cost $85-115, then follow up
>>visits would be less(around $50-60). I did get some relief from pain.
>>Some healthfood stores carry bulk herbs(mostly western). Marshmallow,
>>slippery elm, chamomile are all good for the digestive tract. I did alot of
>>research from books and internet searches...I also worked in a healthfood
>>store for a while and tried everything I could get my hands on!
>>Papaya enzymes(papain) come in chewable tablets at the healthfood store, and
>>can help with sour stomach, it is sometimes combined with
>>bromelain(pineapple enzymes), that helps many with inflammation. These are
>>the only enzymes I tried that I had success with.
>>No natural product has ever helped my inflammation and bloating.
>>..peppermint tea is also good for this. Uva ursi is a natural diuretic that
>>helps with water retention...I was excited to try that one but it didn't
>>I have tried acidophilus, digestive enzymes, aloe vera juice, flax oil,
>>herbal laxatives, homeopathic remedies, electromagnetic biofeedback and
>>natural fibers(psyllium, apple pectin)..none of these were helpful to a
>>point that was noticeable...some made my symptoms worse.
>>Senna and cascara sagrada are stimulant laxatives. These have helped many,
>>but they caused me pain, cramping and severe bloating.
>>The prescription my acupuncturist she mixed for me included chinese rhubarb,
>>a potent herbal laxative...this did help with constipation. Eventually, I
>>felt it was damaging to my digestive tract, and possibly hard on my liver.
>>Absolutely nothing I tried other than acupunture helped with pain, and
>>unfortunately this was short-lived.
>>I hope this helps a little...

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>>> Thanks Teresa for responding
>>> No, I live in St. Louis MO...would your herbalist know anyone here? I
>>> was hoping maybe they had a network or organization and may be able to
>>> refer me to someone.
>>> I'm just so depressed today. I'm going into my doctor tomorrow (a new
>>> one...this will be my second visit). I spoke to him last night and he
>>> doesn't think it's diviticulitis (which I was thinking it is) but
>>> perhaps a small bowel obstruction. I feel like if someone poked my
>>> belly it'd explode and at least give me some relief. I'm not having
>>> severe pain but am so uncomfortable and bloated I'm just miserable.
>>> Thank god for mother's - mine is coming out to stay with me and take me
>>> in tomorrow. Even at 44 yers old I still want my Mom when I'm sick (:!!
>>> Well, enough venting - any info you or any "in the club" knows about is
>>> certainly welcomed!
>>> At Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Teresa Waldrop wrote:
>>> >
>>> >Dear Robin,
>>> >I know a great person that could help you in Memphis, TN. if that is near
>>> >you. If so let me know and I can get some information together and send
>>> >to you. Teresa

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>>> >
>>> >> Wally
>>> >> What interesting information! Like all of us, I have to deal with the
>>> >> pain (and am having a bad day today but can work from home, thank
>>> >> heavens)and don't want to sbumit to surgery if I can find an
>>> >> alternative. I've looked up alternative medicine web sites but not had
>>> >> much luck - how did you find the herbalist in your area? Is there any
>>> >> way to check on their credentials? I'm very curious to explore this and
>>> >> would appreciate any information you can share!
>>> >> Robin M
>>> >>
>>> >> At Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Wally wrote:
>>> >> >
>>> >> >I have read with interest many of the messages on these message boards
>>> >> >other areas of this web site. Ihave suffered from extensive adhesions
>>> >> >for years and wasn't told that each surgery I had was creating more
>>> >> >tissue!
>>> >> >
>>> >> >I had 4 c sections and last year a hystorectomy. Obviously my
>>> >> >have increased & two weeks ago a laperoscopy revealed that my overies
>>> >> >are completely surrounded in scar tissue....the Dr couldn't find them!
>>> >> >There is also extensive scarring on my bladder reducing it's capacity
>>> >> >approx. 1 cup. My bowel has also been pushed up, and I suffer from
>>> >> >considerable pain.
>>> >> >
>>> >> >My Dr has said that I will probably require more surgery. Neitherof
>>> >> >want this, so I have started herbal treatment with a traditional
>>> >> >Herbal Doctor. The herbal is totally discusting *grin* but if it
>>> >> >me avoid surgery,or builds me up to cope with surgery better, I will
>>> >> >give it a good try.
>>> >> >
>>> >> >I have been taking it for a week, and find that I am coping better
>>> >> >my days, and have had a couple of nights with 8 hours sleep! Which is
>>> >> >amazing. I am not expecting a quick recovery, I am aware that this is
>>> >> >long term treatment.
>>> >> >
>>> >> >I have chosen to try this because of the success my husband has had
>>> >> >the same herbalist for intestinal problems. He has been off western
>>> >> >medication for 8 months now and his health is almost completely
>>> >> >restored.
>>> >> >
>>> >> >So......I guess my long winded message is......don't give up until you
>>> >> >have tried everything you can find. I will let you know how things
>>> >> >progress. I send everyone a warm smile and ask you to smile at
>>> >> >else. A smile and positive attitude has always helped me cope. God
>>> >> >Bless & good luck to you all.
>>> >> >
>>> >> >--
>>> >> >You will never never know.......if you don't give it a go :)
>>> >> >
>>> >>
>>> >> --
>>> >> Robin M.
>>> >>
>>> --
>>> Robin M.
>Robin M.

You will never never know.......if you don't give it a go :)

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