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Tue Feb 13 14:00:17 2001

Dear Janet Thanks so much for the info - you really did do a lot of research and I'll take advantage of your experiences. I too hae atried a number of things you mentioned. Like you, smoe helped for awhile, most didn't. I just keep searching. You did mention a few I hadn't tried so maybe I'll delved into those! thanks again for responding!

At Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Janet Karam wrote: >
>Dear Robin,
>I had a cupboard stashed with over 40 different hebs at one point, so I
>figured I'd share my experience with this.
>Out of everything I tried, a practitioner of oriental medicine helped me the
>most, combining acupunture and prescribed herbs. These practitioners are
>usually listed in the phone book under acupuncturists. Your first visit
>would likely be one and a half hours, and cost $85-115, then follow up
>visits would be less(around $50-60). I did get some relief from pain.
>Some healthfood stores carry bulk herbs(mostly western). Marshmallow,
>slippery elm, chamomile are all good for the digestive tract. I did alot of
>research from books and internet searches...I also worked in a healthfood
>store for a while and tried everything I could get my hands on!
>Papaya enzymes(papain) come in chewable tablets at the healthfood store, and
>can help with sour stomach, it is sometimes combined with
>bromelain(pineapple enzymes), that helps many with inflammation. These are
>the only enzymes I tried that I had success with.
>No natural product has ever helped my inflammation and bloating.
>..peppermint tea is also good for this. Uva ursi is a natural diuretic that
>helps with water retention...I was excited to try that one but it didn't
>I have tried acidophilus, digestive enzymes, aloe vera juice, flax oil,
>herbal laxatives, homeopathic remedies, electromagnetic biofeedback and
>natural fibers(psyllium, apple pectin)..none of these were helpful to a
>point that was noticeable...some made my symptoms worse.
>Senna and cascara sagrada are stimulant laxatives. These have helped many,
>but they caused me pain, cramping and severe bloating.
>The prescription my acupuncturist she mixed for me included chinese rhubarb,
>a potent herbal laxative...this did help with constipation. Eventually, I
>felt it was damaging to my digestive tract, and possibly hard on my liver.
>Absolutely nothing I tried other than acupunture helped with pain, and
>unfortunately this was short-lived.
>I hope this helps a little...

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>> Thanks Teresa for responding
>> No, I live in St. Louis MO...would your herbalist know anyone here? I
>> was hoping maybe they had a network or organization and may be able to
>> refer me to someone.
>> I'm just so depressed today. I'm going into my doctor tomorrow (a new
>> one...this will be my second visit). I spoke to him last night and he
>> doesn't think it's diviticulitis (which I was thinking it is) but
>> perhaps a small bowel obstruction. I feel like if someone poked my
>> belly it'd explode and at least give me some relief. I'm not having
>> severe pain but am so uncomfortable and bloated I'm just miserable.
>> Thank god for mother's - mine is coming out to stay with me and take me
>> in tomorrow. Even at 44 yers old I still want my Mom when I'm sick (:!!
>> Well, enough venting - any info you or any "in the club" knows about is
>> certainly welcomed!
>> At Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Teresa Waldrop wrote:
>> >
>> >Dear Robin,
>> >I know a great person that could help you in Memphis, TN. if that is near
>> >you. If so let me know and I can get some information together and send
>> >to you. Teresa

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>> >
>> >> Wally
>> >> What interesting information! Like all of us, I have to deal with the
>> >> pain (and am having a bad day today but can work from home, thank
>> >> heavens)and don't want to sbumit to surgery if I can find an
>> >> alternative. I've looked up alternative medicine web sites but not had
>> >> much luck - how did you find the herbalist in your area? Is there any
>> >> way to check on their credentials? I'm very curious to explore this and
>> >> would appreciate any information you can share!
>> >> Robin M
>> >>
>> >> At Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Wally wrote:
>> >> >
>> >> >I have read with interest many of the messages on these message boards
>> >> >other areas of this web site. Ihave suffered from extensive adhesions
>> >> >for years and wasn't told that each surgery I had was creating more
>> >> >tissue!
>> >> >
>> >> >I had 4 c sections and last year a hystorectomy. Obviously my
>> >> >have increased & two weeks ago a laperoscopy revealed that my overies
>> >> >are completely surrounded in scar tissue....the Dr couldn't find them!
>> >> >There is also extensive scarring on my bladder reducing it's capacity
>> >> >approx. 1 cup. My bowel has also been pushed up, and I suffer from
>> >> >considerable pain.
>> >> >
>> >> >My Dr has said that I will probably require more surgery. Neitherof
>> >> >want this, so I have started herbal treatment with a traditional
>> >> >Herbal Doctor. The herbal is totally discusting *grin* but if it
>> >> >me avoid surgery,or builds me up to cope with surgery better, I will
>> >> >give it a good try.
>> >> >
>> >> >I have been taking it for a week, and find that I am coping better
>> >> >my days, and have had a couple of nights with 8 hours sleep! Which is
>> >> >amazing. I am not expecting a quick recovery, I am aware that this is
>> >> >long term treatment.
>> >> >
>> >> >I have chosen to try this because of the success my husband has had
>> >> >the same herbalist for intestinal problems. He has been off western
>> >> >medication for 8 months now and his health is almost completely
>> >> >restored.
>> >> >
>> >> >So......I guess my long winded message is......don't give up until you
>> >> >have tried everything you can find. I will let you know how things
>> >> >progress. I send everyone a warm smile and ask you to smile at
>> >> >else. A smile and positive attitude has always helped me cope. God
>> >> >Bless & good luck to you all.
>> >> >
>> >> >--
>> >> >You will never never know.......if you don't give it a go :)
>> >> >
>> >>
>> >> --
>> >> Robin M.
>> >>
>> --
>> Robin M.

Robin M.

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