Mary Pomroy's second look surgery

From: Pam Markford (
Tue Feb 13 06:52:54 2001

Hello Everyone, I received a letter from Mary Pomroy yesterday stating that the first surgery had gone well but that her adhesions were back 100%. Dr. Korell did the second look three days after her first surgery and again the adhesions were back a 100% but that the adhesions were very soft and were easily removed. Dr. Korell couldn't believe that the adhesions were back so quickly! With the second surgery he pulled Mary's small intestines up to create a barrier between the stomach and the abdominal wall. Dr. Korell like Mary is disappointed and is working hard to get this under control for Mary so that she has her quality of life back!!! Mary sees Dr. Korell today to determine if he is going to go back into look again as early as Wednesday (tomorrow). Mary has woken up from both surgeries very quickly and has had her usually problem with nausea (she is so sensitivity to many many medications). Our Mary is however always Positive and willing to give it a hundred and 10% to get better!! We are praying for you and Dr. Korell to maintain and build your strengths to continue on with the battle of getting you comfortable and pain free! Keep your chin turned upwards Mary and feel all Of Our Prayers, Love and Strength sent to you! PS, Mary also wanted to wish two very special people in her family a " HAPPY BIRTHDAY, first her grandson Brandon and second her son-in-law Scott”.

In Loving Friendship,
     Pam Markford

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