To Helen....RE: .....for: JENNY and ROBYNE

From: jenny low (
Mon Feb 12 17:29:26 2001


Thank you for the websites. These are wonderful. I have been reading and printing out alot of what they had in them. I am sort of making a notebook collecting all this valuable information that you are sending our way. Helen, you are a God send. You have helped so many people on this list. Thank you! Truly your reward will be great! I can only hope that the little I said has brought Stacey some comfort. I hate to see people hurting at all much less having to deal with extra emotional hurting because we all experience emotional with physical pain anyway. Whatever the case, I believe someone will find some answers between all of us working together and sharing what we know and find. That's the way we are supposed to work anyway, right? Helen, you are an inspiration to all of us. I think I speak on behalf of all of those that you have reached out to help, which is all of us, when I say "Thank You" and "we appreciate you" and "we love you".

Big bear hugs, Jenny

>From: "Helen Dynda" <>
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: Re: Recovering from surgery....for: JENNY and ROBYNE
>Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 13:25:29 -0600
>Dear Jenny and Robyne,
>What wonderful letters of support you two ladies have shared with Stacey
>today -- and with others who post messages or who simply read messages on
>the Message Board!! I could not have said it better than you two ladies
>already have!!
>Jenny and Robyne, I hope you didn't feel up-staged by the many websites
>I posted directly after your messages. As a result of your wonderful
>messages of support for Stacey, I decided that this was a good time to go
>the Archives and search for the websites concerning topics related to the
>information in your letters. Most of these topics are from the following
>website: ...which has much more to offer.
>I am sure you will find some helpful ideas in these articles -- ideas that
>will help you and your loved ones as you struggle with chronic pain.
>~ ~ ~ ~
>Re: Recovering from surgery
>From: jenny low (
>Mon, 12 Feb 2001 08:04:59 -0000
>When I read your email, my heart just wanted to reach out to you. Please
>know that you are not alone. You have all your friends here who will stick
>by you. You know I wonder what my husband feels like seeing me in pain all
>the time. I know it is a real burden on him because he has to do it all:
>work, come home and cook, take the kids places, get them showered and in
>bed, and on top of all that take care of me. And I fall apart when he gets
>virus. What would I do in his shoes and he in mine? I don't know that I
>could handle it. There is a lot of stress on a relationship when there is
>one who is constantly ill. But are you in that relationship for better or
>for worse, in sickness and in health. I know that you said this is your
>boyfriend. This is surely a test though. How strong is your relationship? I
>see this being tested right now even with my friends. It is a hard thing to
>have to go through. But know that you are not doing it alone. The people
>here in the IAS have either already been through it or are in the process
>doing it right now. I will definitely be praying for you. If you need to
>talk anytime, you can email me privately. You need to realize not every man
>who walks into your life is going to leave you because you are ill. There
>will be a man who will love you in sickness and in health. I know because I
>am fortunate to have one who does. There was someone else on this board, I
>believe it was Teresa, who went through something similar a few weeks ago.
>We all prayed for her and things worked out. Maybe there are other things
>that are burdening him down as well and just the build up of it all is too
>much to handle right now. Sit down and talk with him about it. My husband
>gets this way from time to time as we all do. Sometimes just sitting down
>with him and asking him what is REALLY bothering him makes all the
>difference in the world. And sometimes there are things I can do to take
>load off of him. Even just giving him some time to himself helps. Men
>process things different than we do. You know "Men are from Mars, Women are
>from Venus!"
>It might take you a few weeks to really feel good after your surgery. Did
>they have to do a laparotomy? It really takes me a good 3-4 weeks before I
>ever feel better from that kind of surgery. Now I would be questioning my
>doctor about the bloating like a watermelon. That just doesn't sound good,
>especially when things were supposed to be fixed. Why don't you call and
>them about that? Do you have a post-op appointment anytime soon? You
>really, REALLY need to find out about that. It concerns me and I hope it
>does you. Please keep me informed about it, okay? I hope to hear from you
>soon. I am praying for you and am here to talk anytime.
>Love and big hugs, Jenny
>~ ~ ~ ~
>Re: Recovering from surgery
>From: Robyne Hinks (
>Mon, 12 Feb 2001 19:16:34 +1000
>Dear Stacy,
>This a tough time for anybody not just someone who has to go through all we
>have to.This is surely a testing time for your relationship and if it
>work then it is for the better.You cannot cling to small hopes Im sure if
>you read the thought for the day from Jenny then things should be much
>clearer You cannot afford to dwell on this you need all the strength and
>emotions to get you well.I hope I dont sound too bitchy but you must
>understand that you alone cannot make a relationship work It has to be
>twofold.When I was in hospital for eight months I certianly found out who
>friends were.There was only Tom(my husband) who came everyday and my
>children on the weekends and two friends rang me about every two or three
>days and that was all and yes it does hurt but I learnt that I could not
>dwell on this it was interferring with my healing.You have all of us that
>understand you and what is happening to you and I reach out to you with a
>graet big hug and will keep you in my prayers.
>Love always Robyne
>Love and big hugs, Jenny

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