Re: lentils, prune juice and senekot

From: toni welsh (
Fri Feb 9 21:04:35 2001

At Fri, 9 Feb 2001, Janet wrote: >
>Dear Toni,
>I have to tell you that I almost had an obstruction from bowel empathy
>syndrome...any of the above that you mentioned even individually would
>cause me immense pain and reflux.
>I've even tried blending lentils, and they still cause aweful gas,
>bloating and reflux.
>We're all different, just wanted you to know that that combination would
>make me wanna die too!

Yeah, Janet, I sure did suffer, but I have to try so many things on my own, I know they all usually help to move the bowels. But the drs I have seen just do not help me. Then I had to take Gax X for the gas I do not know what I am doing to my insides, I even try to tell my husband and sometimes I feel like he does not want to hear it anymore, but I am tired of suffering. I asked him yesterday don't you care anymore? And he said yes he does but he does not know what to do for me anymore, and neither do my drs. I have to find a diet to help me, and a laxative tht does not cramp me so bad, I am really getting sick of all this, and do not know where to turn no more!!

One dr says I need surgery, the others tell me stay away from it, things could get worse, well, what a vivcious cycle!

I will not eat like that again, I did not eat that much, but I have to drink the prune juice even with a laxative, to be able to go. I am afraid to go more than a week again, I went 10 days last year, and ended up in ER!

Some one on here said that she did not have vomiting with her attacks, and with the pain I have at times, and there are times that I feel stool in the left side, when it will not move, and I get a huge lump where you can almost feel it is stool, in there! I finally went today, but I still cannot get rid of the pain!

Love, Toni >

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