Re: lentils, prune juice and senekot

From: Janet Karam (
Fri Feb 9 22:38:04 2001

Dearest Toni,

I have tried all of these things before...I understand why you thought this combination would help. I experience terrible pain and cramping with Senna...which is a stimulant laxative...very tough on your system.

I took chinese rhubarb(very potent herbal laxative) for almost a year, and then my body told me it was worn stop using harmful laxatives, just to keep eating solid food...this is why I am on a mostly liquid things can get through naturally without causing more damage to my digestive tract. I'm not saying that this takes away the pain, but it does reduce my risk(of obstruction) and therefore, my fear.

I am 32 years old, I knew that the long-term effects of strong laxatives could be very damaging(because of how I felt after a year of doing this)...I have alot more years to get out of my bowel!!

When I get severely constipated, I use 2 fleets enemas back to back(Itry not to do this more than once a month). I do use glycerin suppositories(sometimes 3) every morning...otherwise I would not go. If I eat solid food even the enemas won't do the trick.

I hate to get so technical here, but the idea of an obstruction is very frightening, as it should be...I try to protect myself from this possibility without hurting myself.

Toni, I know how much you love your hubby, you have told us often that he is wonderful and caring. I imagine that it rips him apart that he can't help you more.

My honey loves hockey(Go Av's!!), so do I. He bought tickets for us to go together to tonight's even though I was dressed and ready to go, he knew it was hurting and would be miserable if I, he told me to change into my comfy clothes(which, bless his heart, is all he sees me in anymore), and he left for the game with a smile on his face.

This is a devastatingly life-altering disease...there are so many sacrifices we have to make...our families and loved ones do too. My heart breaks for Joel sitting at the game alone tonight, and not being able to do so many of the things we love to do together.

We have to fight to get better...I think they need to see this from us so they can hang onto hope too.

Keep searching for answers Toni, don't give up...there is hope.



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