Re: Aunts (Denise) Adhesions

From: Mary Wade (
Thu Feb 8 19:18:49 2001

Dear Angi,

I was so touched by your reaching out to help your aunt. I had a much loved aunt...whose influence still touches me daily even though she died 30 years ago. Because a close aunt/niece relationship is a choice...not an's particularly sweet to me. My story is on the quilt, as are the stories of many others on the board. Feel free to email me personally, if you wish. I had "bad-ass" endometriosis which made adhesions and a general mess. I had surgery in Dec with Drs. Reich and Redan in PA. Feeling MUCH better! Every story is different. I was a good candidate for their procedures and so am really pretty confident that this is going to last. I wish I had my Aunt Um back...for just a show her the kind of love you are offering your aunt. Thanks. Mary

At 12:57 PM 2/8/01 -0600, you wrote: >Thank you for your comments. Its nice to know that there is people out
>there. Janet I hope your surgery goes well on March 15. I will keep
>you in my prayers. My aunt (Denise) is not educated on email. I need
>to teacher her. But, with her living in Ohio and me in Georgia its
>hard. I will however, print the messages and fax them to her.
>She means the world to me. She wanted me to ask you all, "after you
>have surgery what is the chances of adhensions coming back?"
>Janet having this surgery in March. Will it take away your pain? Do you
>have any information on what they will do and how it will benefit you?
>If so privately email me and I will give you my Fax number. Its nice to
>able to speak with someone that knows something about this. Im just
>trying to get all the information I can.
>Im afraid that my aunt(Denise) is going deeper into depression. I cant
>let that happen to her.
>Please keep her in your prayers. I know with Gods help things will work
>out for her.
>I was reading your ariticle about adhesions. I have a aunt who is 29 years
old. She has had between 15 to 20 surgerys in 7 years. She has internal scar tissue that is so bad, the doctors said, "its like a cob web spreading inside her." >They are now giving her Oxycotton (synthetic herion) for the pain. And is
treating her like a cancer patient. I dont know what to do for her. I have called Doctors and hospitals in her area. They all treat me as though they had no clue what Im talking about. If you have any suggestions Please let me know >

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